Founder - Marko Pavlović

Marko gained experience in financial markets in the last 20 years working in brokerage, asset management company and private banking as client relations, licenced stock broker in financial markets and investment advisory mandate. His scope of work is related to equities, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, structured products engineering, tax services, corporate actions, M&As, IPOs, online trading, controling, reporting to regulators … All of that supported with compliance and risk management.


Throughout career he is focused on opportunites in changing environment in international finance, economic environment, regulatory frameworks, international institutions, geopolitics and modern history. When blockchain technology started to grow, he recognized solutions for finance in The World within new technologies. After leaving corporate finance job, Marko started his first startup in crypto in 2017 and continues his investment advisory and educational approach. Since 2020 he visited several crypto conferences, including London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Lugano, Ljubljana, Prague, Zagreb, Belgrade, Dubai, Lisbon … to gain in-depth on sight knowledge all in order to provide clients with latest news within rising crypto ecosystem as new asset class.

Why Wisdom Crypto

Wisdom Crypto is focused to bring users and interested public educational approach in investment business and in-depth knowledge od newly rising crypto asset class ecosystem. Furtheremore, Wisdom Crypto explores solutions in areas such as DeFi, Staking, Farming, NFT Protocols, bridges, Layer2 solutions, wrapped assets, gamification, Web3 and overall comparing decentralized digital solutions to existing central banking ecosystem environment in broader sence. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is NOT crypto.

About Wisdom Crypto

Wisdom Crypto presents work, thinking, research and educationl approach towards investment in broader sens and investment business development. Marko Pavlovic has gained experience in the investment field through 20 years of professional investment career and startup industry, including chief executive functions in brokerag company, supervisory position and other finance-related companies in trading and asset management departments, as well as experience in online trading, investment advisory mandate, relationship management, compliance, risk management, ICO projects and more.

Marko Pavlovic has a broad international network with expertise in professional conduct and approaches with detailed-oriented focus in order to demonstrate Wisdom Crypto’s expertize and knowledge. Nevertheless, it’s the honest, profoundly knowledgeable approach and transparent fundamentals Idea Leader that gave Wisdom Crypto project a boost.

Wisdom Crypto will continue to develop and make the best to demonstrate The World with premium solutions for crypto asset exposures.


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